Why You Should Buy Sustainable Gifts

Did you know that Americans throw away 25% more trash during the holidays (Thanksgiving to New Year's) than any other time, amounting to an extra 25 million tons of waste?  

Finding the perfect gift is typically the priority for gift-givers, and the sustainability and ethicality of the item is the last thing on their mind. But with the holiday season being one of the biggest shopping and waste-generating periods of the year, it is time to re-think your approach to the holiday season and consider buying sustainably-made gifts.


Not only do sustainable products maintain and often exceed the quality and uniqueness of conventional products, but it will show extra thoughtfulness and might even encourage the receiver to think about their own decision to shop sustainably! Plus, searching for sustainably-made products refines your search for the perfect gift, rather than roaming around stores and websites for hours hoping to find something.

For example, Googling “Sustainable Men’s Clothing” refines your search from “Men’s Clothing Gift” instantly. It might even lead you to Hudson Wellesley, whose Ultimate Lux Cotton and luxury quality tees make the perfect sustainable gift!

Happy Holidays!