What To Expect After The Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic reshaped our daily lives, and will continue to do so even once the pandemic is over.

We expect the way we work to continue to change post-pandemic. We have seen that it is no longer necessary for everyone to be in the office every day, and many workplaces will adapt to this change. According to the World Economic Forum, 8 in 10 business executives believe businesses will benefit from increased flexibility and hybrid working. When the pandemic is over, expect more flexibility when you want to work from home, and more ways to work from home than ever before. 

We also expect there to be a renewed energy in how we take care of ourselves, both mentally and physically. With the prospect of Zoom fatigue coming to an end, we expect self-care to continue to be normalized and commonplace in our daily lives. According to Healio, 80% of Americans intend to regularly practice self-care after the pandemic. This could mean continuing to do your new self-care ritual each night, going on your daily walk, or wearing the new outfit you purchased during quarantine. 

There are countless things to look forward to after the pandemic ends. And while we must  remember the things we lost to the pandemic, it is also important to acknowledge the positive things we will gain, like more workplace flexibility and a renewed sense of purpose and self-care.