Valentine's Day During Covid

Last March, no one imagined that the next Valentine’s Day, nearly 11 months later, would still be spent in lockdown. Unsurprisingly though, Valentine’s Day, like most holidays, will be celebrated differently this year.

While romantic celebrations of Valentine’s Day will change for obvious reasons, such as restaurant closures, limited capacities, and physical distancing, we envision the more notable shift to be a greater celebration than ever before of self- and platonic-love. Maybe your relationship did not survive the hardships of quarantine, or you have not been on a date in months (as per physical distancing guidelines). Rather than a period of strong romantic love, perhaps the pandemic has instead forced you to take care of and strengthen your relationship with yourself and your friends more than ever before. 

Given the changing nature of relationships during a pandemic, both with others and with oneself, we envision 2021 Valentine’s Day celebrations of sending flowers and chocolates to the friends who have kept us sane throughout this pandemic, hosting Zoom wine night with your Galentines, or performing the ultimate act of self-love and allowing yourself an entirely Zoom-free day. 

This year, Covid will change the way people celebrate Valentine’s Day, not just because of lockdowns and physical distancing guidelines, but because the pandemic has forced us to build and strengthen the relationships we have with our friends and ourselves.