The Sustainable Fashion “Diet”

I think it’s fair to say that, at some point in their lives, everyone has tried to go on a diet. Maybe it was because you wanted to be healthier, or because your friends were doing it, or because a magazine cover told you to. The reason doesn’t matter. The real question is, how long did it take to fall back into old habits? 



Now replace “diet” with sustainable fashion. I’m sure most consumers, at least once, have bought a quality piece from a sustainable brand, tried second-hand shopping, or “quit” fast fashion. But how long did it really last? 


Diets only work long-term when you have a custom plan based on your personal preferences, ability, finances, and schedule. So why do we treat sustainable fashion as a one-size-fits-all? The desire to change is there, but we have yet to attain it.



Think about what you want. Is it a capsule wardrobe? To stay on-trend? To save money? And is there any brand that truly meets that need while also allowing you to consume 100% sustainable, ethical fashion? Honestly, probably not. The archaic systems that dictate how the fashion industry operates have not yet adapted to provide consumers with what they really want: trendy, classic, high-quality sustainable garments at an affordable price. But at Hudson Wellesley, we can get pretty close. 



Fashion brands must allow consumers to follow their desires by offering sustainable choices to meet their demands. Designed around what we know consumers want, Hudson Wellesley’s lux tech cotton collection offers comfortable, classic style and lasting colors that look new after every wash. Sounds like the perfect sustainable “diet” to me!