Spooky & Sustainable

People blame Instagram for the rise of the “Wear it once, never again” mindset. While it is true that Instagram has largely perpetuated this way of thinking, we cannot forget one of the most notable times of year when this mindset is especially prevalent: Halloween. 

Even before Instagram was created, for people of all ages, from young children and parents going trick-or-treating, to adults attending various halloween parties in one weekend, this particular holiday is notorious for buying costumes and outfits that will only be worn once. While dressing up in a costume you would never otherwise wear is fun and liberating in itself, the true Halloween horror is how wasteful it is. 

With Halloween just around the corner, we suggest you think about what you already have in your closet! For example, throw on an all-pink outfit to pay homage to Legally Blonde or Mean Girls, or wear all-black and sunglasses and next thing you know you’re a secret spy. If you have garments you don’t wear anymore or are planning to throw away, it is the perfect occasion to reutilize and upcycle them into something new. Who knows, maybe some old, torn pants or stockings will be your perfect Halloween accessory. Zombie costume, anyone?

The possibilities are endless! Halloween is the perfect occasion to round up the accessories and statement pieces you don’t normally wear to create a unique, zero-waste, inexpensive costume that you DON’T need to deal with on November 1st.