Should You Buy A New Thanksgiving Outfit?

Happy Thanksgiving! While everybody has their favorite Thanksgiving meals, from turkey, to stuffing, to mashed potatoes, less can be said about Thanksgiving attire. Unlike the iconic foods, Thanksgiving outfits change from year to year, leaving the big question: Should you buy a new outfit for Thanksgiving?

Although Thanksgiving will look a little different this year, it is typically common to purchase a new outfit for the holiday. This is not necessarily a bad thing if you wear the outfit again, or you are revamping an existing outfit with a new accessory or two. 

But, if you post a Thanksgiving Instagram showing off your new clothes (and your family, of course), why bother wearing it again, right? Or if this outfit features a new trend that will have passed by next year, the odds of it being worn again are slim as well. If this is the case, maybe you should rethink that new outfit you want to show off to your family. 

We are not saying to avoid purchasing nice clothing. In fact, we encourage it! But questioning this “wear-once” mindset and throwaway culture can make a big difference in personal shopping decisions. You should buy a new outfit for Thanksgiving if you are certain you will wear it again, guiding us towards classic pieces over trends, and a more sustainable closet.