How Virtual Shopping Embraces Online Shopping Amidst Pandemic

Online shopping is one of the biggest technological developments and game-changers in fashion. However, advancements within online shopping have transformed little over the years, and remain similar across brands. This can make it difficult for brands to set their online presence apart, and truly “wow” customers with the online shopping experience.

The ongoing pandemic has only intensified this need to embrace and advance e-commerce. Hudson Wellesley saw this as an opportunity to seek creative and unique e-commerce solutions to provide customers with the best possible shopping experience, one that might even top in-store shopping. This is unlike other brands, who are simply trying to find bare-minimum solutions.  

Hudson Wellesley is one of the first brands to utilize VR and virtual visualizations on their web platform to promote products and enhance the shopping experience. Rather than simply scrolling through photos of a model with a plain background, Hudson Wellesley’s virtual showroom brings customers to feel like they are walking through a store in the clouds, maintaining the luxurious and grandiose atmosphere of an in-person setting. These breathtaking visualizations are created in partnership with Voor3D, a B2B fashtech startup that provides brands with virtual showrooms to cut costs, save time, and achieve true sustainability.