How to Layer- Tips for Fall with Hudson Wellesley

As the temperature drops and October comes to an end, layering has become an imperative survivor instinct to keep us warm. To date, layering is no longer synonymous with bulky, it can also be playful. The fun part of layering for Fall is that you can use so many different clothing articles from your wardrobe: summer essentials, outwear pieces, and everything in between.

Layering doesn’t have to be complicated, but have to be done right. With our lux cotton T-shirt collection, layering with style can be as easy as waving a magic wand, not any ordinary kind but Hudson Wellesley kind, the stylish kind.

Here are Our Layering Tips:

⦁ Always keep the under-layers fitted for a simple sleek look, essentially our Hudson Wellesley cotton T collection.
⦁ Play with different textures. When styling a layered look, it’s important to incorporate subtle textural contrast carried by the variation of fabrics.
⦁ Layer on with your favorite jacket, whether it is a cardigan, a leather jacket, or a blazer, all will look amazing when you pair it with our beloved Hudson Wellesley cotton T collection.


Ok, you got it? A classic T-shirt is something should never be missing from your wardrobe. It is the core ingredient of a recipe that can turn a basic, neutral look into a fashionista outfit in seconds. For that, Hudson Wellesley collection will always create a wonderful silhouette for your perfect Fall style.