FALL-ing For Sustainable Fashion

The quintessential Fall: when apple picking, pumpkin patches, and changing leaves are at the top of everyone’s minds. With this comes the classic, perfectly Instagrammable style of jeans, boots, flannel, sweaters, and more. 

Unlike the Summer, whose constantly changing trends get us through the Summer heat, the Fall season notably has the most consistent, classic styles that never go out of trend. For example, while boho tops and gladiator sandals were Summer must-haves five years ago, they are nowhere to be seen today. On the other hand, jeans, vests, flannels, and sweaters are just as essential for Fall now as they were five, even ten years ago. 

This timelessness makes Fall the most sustainable season for shoppers and fashion-lovers. Rather than swapping out one trend for the next, every year when the leaves start to change color, the ability to shrink your wardrobe down to a few essential pieces and long-lasting Fall styles helps to curb wasteful fashion consumption. 

Sustainable fashion has to be timeless. And who knows classic, timeless style better than Hudson Wellesley?